Free Consultation Service

We accept online consultation from your office or home. 

Our office follows through with the management of personal information. Therefore, our consultation service can be used safely.

Note that our free online consultation service can be used only for the first use.

The Merit of Online Consultation 

1.  There is no time constraints.

  One hour is enough to use our online consultation service.

2. You can use our service from your home or office.
Online consultation can be used wherever you are, if you have smartphone or personal computer.

3. You do not have to come to our office.
     Company president can greatly save their precious time as they do not need to go out. 

4.  This is helpful for Corona prevention measures.
Some company president avoids unnecessary outings.
      Influenced by the wave of new normal lifestyle, online service has been more and more popular.

Application Process of Online Consultation

1.  Please fill in the required fields on the inquiry form, and move to the application process

  Please enter the date and time from your first choice to your third choice.

2.  We let you know the date and time for consultation.

3. The invitation mail for WEB meeting will be sent before the appointed date. 
   (Lite FreshVoice is used)

.On the appointed day, online consultation starts with a click on the URL link on the invitation email.
    If you have any concern on the operation method, please contact us.