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Breeze Administrative Scrivener Office
Resting Facility for all
We strive to provide trustworthy consultation services for customers’ comfortable living.

What is Administrative Scrivener?

Our Administrative Scrivener office is mainly providing property management and  services to small and middle-sized enterprises beginning with legal support,  inheritance of testament and property, and adult guardianship along with donation and buying and selling. In order to realize customers’ comfortable living, and long-term growth of small and middle-sized enterprises, we are here to provide the best consultation services for all of you. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us. 

Business Information

≪We accept the consultation on your businesses. ≫

You do not know whom to talk to.You do not have anyone to consult with immediately.】

     Don’t you have any trouble as below?

         □ Permission in Construction

         □ Permission in Shipping and Logistics

         □ Planning to Start Business Activities that Require Permission

         □ Procedures in Establishing Corporation

         □ Regarding Corporate Law and Management

         □ Regarding the Employment of Foreign Residents in Japan

≪We accept the consultation on your living. ≫

You do not know whom to talk to.You do not have anyone to consult with immediately.】

     Don’t you have any trouble as below?

         □ Creation of Various Contracts and Content Proof

         □ Having Trouble in Making Testaments or Inheritance (Including Dispute)

         □ Regarding Adult Guardianship

         □ Application Procedures on Properties

         □ Consultation on Dishonest Business Activities

         □ Residence Procedures, Naturalization, and Other International Services

            □     Regarding Consultation on Divorce Procedures

About Administrative Scrivener

Administrative scrivener is an occupation specializing in administrative procedures, whose primary role is creating the documents to submit, and performing each procedure on behalf of the client.

Most of the above documents are related to permission and authorization, which is said to outnumber 10,000 in type. Therefore, our highly specialized administrative scrivener can provide benefit to clients by effectively performing the time-consuming procedures on your behalf and providing speedy support to save your precious time.

If you have any trouble, or do not know whom to talk to, please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to support you.

 *Note that due to COVID 19, we have started Online consultation. Please click here for more detail.

     Office Overview 

≪Let us introduce our office overview≫

CompanyBreeze Administrative Scrivener Office

Toshihiro Tanigawa


#309 5-10-24, showacho, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi,Osaka-fu  545-0011 Japan




History :  January in 2012           Breeze asministrative scrivener office was founded